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Welcome to the World of Beaucoup Chapeaux

Beaucoup Chapeaux brings all kinds of music into play—folk, country, bluegrass, classical, jazz & traditional dance music from many different cultures
This Music Heals Broken Hearts
“What a totally amazing CD…that not only can mend a Broken heart but liven up one’s very soul…” Shannon Dooley-Miller


Nevada City Classic Cafe

NEVADA CITY CLASSIC CAFE—  On a Friday evening, looking into the window of the small Americana cafe, on the quaint main street of one of California’s historic 19th century gingerbread architecture gold mining towns —that would be Nevada City— you can’t quite believe your eyes.

People packed into every chair, at every table and counter stool, while dancers (could be dancing syrtos, tangos, middle eastern, flamenco, salsa…) are doing some serious cutting up on a ridiculously small space (maybe 4′ x 15′, between the tables and the counter seats.)

And sitting in the front window corner, four musicians are creating all this excitement, just burning up on accordion, banjo, bass clarinet, and oboe, eyes agleam, smiles lit, hair, fingers, arms, sparks flying. What’s this? Clarinet and oboe with banjo and accordion? If you walk in the door of the Nevada City Classic Cafe, you’ll be immediately engulfed by a certain joie de vivre that cannot and will not be denied.

BC-ClassicCafeThat’s what we do. It’s a calculated yet kind and gentle shaking up the chakras, altering your reality, worries vanish, providing you with an abundance of inspiration to deal with them when you do think of them again. We do it all on accordion, guitar, violin, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bass clarinet, piccolo, tenor guitar, six string guitar, banjo, dobro, and four part vocal harmonies. All kinds of music–folk, country, bluegrass, classical, jazz, traditional music from many different cultures all come into our play.

Six years and over 400 performances have given us a deep and easy connection to one another. We’re invited to perform at everything from weddings to classical music events to opening up for the likes of Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, and Aaron Neville.

Just remember. If you’re in Nevada City on a Friday night, you may very well find us at that little cafe where we got our start.  We are Beaucoup Chapeaux (bōˈko͞o SHaˈpō.)  Loosely translated— many hats!

“Together they create an atmosphere that some people call magic. It’s like a voyage every Friday. It’s alive!” Genevieve Crouzet

Owner, Nevada City Classic Cafe

“They are one of the great bands in the area. There is nobody else doing what they do and doing it with as much fun, gusto and just enjoyment as they do.” Mikail Graham

Event and Record Producer

“This band is scary good -all virtuosos, all acoustic, they drive the teeming bistro bonhomie in a petit cafe and wherever they go.” Thomas Taylor

Theater Producer

“All in all, they are each one of them uniquely talented; as a collective, they are an astonishing juggernaut. What Beaucoup Chapeaux is up to in that little cafe helps knit our community.” Sands Hall

Author, Playwright, Songwriter.

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