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Maggie has performed on street corners, ships, beaches, mountain tops, cafés, tavernas, pubs, attics, basements, barns, bars, museums, cemeteries, peace marches, benefits of all kinds, on many festival and concert stages. For most of her career, she was primarily a guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

An adventuresome spirit and insatiable curiosity have led her to many genres of music: rock, folk, blues, classical, country, bluegrass, newgrass, Canadian, Americana, Jazz, Celtic, and her current fascination with European roots music.


Music by Luke Wilson and Maggie McKaig

Maggie McKaig & Beaucoup Chapeaux

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This Music Heals Broken Hearts

“This Music Heals Broken Hearts” 2015 

Beaucoup Chapeaux is part Parisian bistro and part Italian café, Greek taverna and Bulgarian kafana, Piaf singing in Albanian while dancing tango, music antique and modern re-imagined for you to fall in love with.
A Night at the Classic Cafe

“A Night at the Classic Cafe” 2011

“Beaucoup Chapeaux has created a very magical niche with this music. It’s a feel, an ambiance, something lovers can whisper behind and get up and dance to. It is so much Parisian Bistro or Italian Cafe, part Circus, and is very eccentric.” Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald.

Music CD - Edge of the World

“Edge of the World” 2008

Storm Session, Maggie McKaig and Luke Wilson with Michael Zisman and Murray Campbell.     North American acoustic folk with world influences, including Celtic, central and eastern Europe.

Music CD - Storm Sessions

“Storm Sessions”2006

Maggie McKaig and Luke Wilson with Michael Zisman and Murray Campbell.  Progressive Acoustic Folk Rock with numerous other world influences, strongly Celtic but Roma too, on Accordion, Guitar, Banjo, Violin, Oboe, English Horn, and electric Bass, with strong, beautiful resonant vocals, performing both original and traditional

Music CD - Small Wonder

“Small Wonder” – Celtic Wonder Band 2004 

Celtic traditionals and great originals, a rich mix of enticing vocal harmonies and superb instrumentation, music that wraps around you in sheer delight like your favorite quilt or lifts you up to dance a jig or reel.



Music CD Grand Promenade

“Grand Promenade” 2003 

A lyrical world tour… horseback on the prairies to mystic Irish shores, ancient Saharan caves to wild coyote haunts, the simple pleasure of tea to the arcane words of a 7th century monk, amidst cataclysmic evolution, the scent of jasmine flowers.

Lost in the Colonies

“Lost in the Colonies” 1984

You may purchase this album directly from Maggie McKaig.

Musical Notes

Maggie’s past bands have included Calico (country, 1976-1978), Lost in the Colonies (newgrass, folk rock, 1980-1990), Celtic Wonder Band (Celtic Gypsy, 2003-2008) and Storm Session (all of the above, 2006, ongoing). Her most current ensemble is the Roma (Gypsy) inspired quartet, Beaucoup Chapeaux, which includes her Canadian musical partner (and husband) of many years, Luke Wilson, on tenor guitar, plectrum banjo, and dobro; Scottish violinist and oboist Murray Campbell; and Iowa born Randy McKean on clarinet, saxophone, bass clarinet, and piccolo.  See CD Albums below for links to Maggie’s music.

She has had the distinct pleasure of performing with many other inspiring and excellent musicians over the years, including numerous tours with two time Grammy winner Mary Youngblood, Alasdair Fraser, Utah Phillips, Michael Zisman, Bill Douglass, Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald, Emily Klion, George Brooks, Darcie Deaville, Ron Casat, Bill Eaglesham, Sands Hall, Peter Wilson, and Ivan Najera.

As a music and theatre specialist, Maggie led many hundreds of children to discover their inner musician and performer in schools and summer theater camps in Northern California and Alberta, Canada. At the very least they learned to stand up straight in front of an audience, which she feels is well worth the effort. For thirteen years she directed youth musical theater summer camps in San Francisco, CA, and was fortunate to work and perform with such luminaries during that time as Miguel Santos, Monica Bermudez, Ricardo Diaz, Zakariya Diouf, Naomi Washington, Laura Elaine Ellis, Nader Shahin, Amina Goodyear, Susu Pampanin, Danny Duncan, Mestre Beicola, Mary Dollar, Jo Krieter, Aunty Linda Pi’ilani, Carlos Gonzalez, Ed Holmes, Janet Koike, Carolyn Brandy, Michelle Jordan, and Nat Keefe, among others.

Maggie now devotes herself entirely to writing stories and music, and playing music; when not doing that, she takes care of a five acre farm and caters to the whims of  three dogs and two cats. She also has a WordPress blog, “Maggie’s Notes and Peregrinations: Farm Tales and Musical Tours”.

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