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In the second week of August 2020, Beaucoup Chapeaux gathered together for the first time since the pandemic shut the world down in March. Somewhat rusty, but game nonetheless, the four of us, who have been playing together since 2009, had the most splendid time doing this little project. Basically, we ran through each song once, then our good friend Jenn Bond began the video recording.

We did two songs, and we hope you enjoy them.  Maggie

“The Road to Santa Gloria”. Music and lyrics by Maggie McCaig

Santa Gloria is a mythical town I discovered in a mystical manner–some lovely Catalonian brandy did the trick, really– on a small balcony overlooking a busy pedestrian pathway in the spectacular medieval town of Girona, Catalonia. As the lyrics in the song go, the melody came “moving through the strings.” on one of the most beautiful guitars I’ve ever played, that Luke built especially for me for our three weeks in Catalonia.

“A River Is A Place That Sometimes Has Some Water Flowing Through It.”

Music and lyrics: Maggie McKaig. Arranged and performed by the ever intrepid Beaucoup Chapeaux. Caught on cell phone by Jenn Bond on summer evening, 2020, at Villa Lone Lobo. The goal: sound like a river.

Maggie McKaig & Beaucoup Chapeaux

Date City Venue
06/19/21 North San Juan, CA North Columbia Schoolhouse Cultural Center

Time: 6:00pm.

Age restrictions: All Ages.

Address: North of Nevada City, Tylerfoote Rd, on the San Juan Ridge.

It’s going to be so very sweet to celebrate the summer solstice with LIVE music, dance, and a community picnic!


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