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Beaucoup Chapeaux
will be playing at the Wild Eye Pub
535 Mill St, Grass Valley, CA
on Sunday, June 2

Beaucoup Chapeaux at The National Exchange Hotel

Monday, February 5th, 19th and some Mondays in March & April
6:00pm – 8:00pm No Cover

 Details here.  

211 Broad Street, Nevada City CA
Contact: 530-362-7605

Dear Friends,  

I’m quite pleased to let you know that on Monday (yes, a MONDAY), February 5th, from 6-8pm, Beaucoup Chapeaux will be playing at the National Exchange Hotel as part of the hotel’s new series, Music Mondays!!

For a number of reasons, we’re very excited about this new adventure. 

First, the National: I can’t say enough good things about the hotel.  For the past year, on most Thursdays, I’ve been playing guitar for the National’s Celtic session, and I’ve fallen in love with the hotel; the people who work there are very kind, the menu is great, and the ambiance is hard to beat. 

Second, for us: This is rather momentous;  this is the first time the four of us have played together in over a year.   

Third: it just so happens that this February marks the 15th anniversary since the four of us joined forces in 2009 at the Nevada City Classic Cafe!  Woohoo! 

But above all, it feels like it’s time to take up the Euro Balkan Cafe joie de vivre mantle once again, to make the romance, the magic, to rev up love for ancient and traditional melodies (although often not so traditional in our hands), and others more modern.  We’ll touch down in Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, France, Greece, Italy, Sweden, a bit of Celtic too, as well as the Americas, and possibly more.

You’ll also hear some of our own compositions inspired by all of the above.

You may wonder–as I certainly am–what the atmosphere will be like on Monday night. Will it be boisterous, as the Classic Cafe often was?  Or more listening?  We have no idea.  Time, as they say, will tell.  And we’ll roll with whatever it is. 

And so, I hope you’ll come out to see us this Monday. We would really appreciate having your support, your lovely presence, at our first gig at the National.  As well, I love the idea of getting more people to support all the wonderful things the National brings to our community.  Aside from all the great music they host, they also support various local non-profits, including supplying last year’s Night of Giving green room with delicious food for all the artists who in turn were donating their time and talents to Hospitality House!

Meanwhile, please stay warm and dry.
Love and peace to you,

Hospitality House’s 18th Annual “Night of Giving” 

The Night of Giving returns this year in-person on Saturday, Dec. 16 at:

The Center for the Arts
314 W. Main St., Grass Valley, CA 95945
5 – 10 p.m.
$30 in advance, $35 at the door / You can get tickets HERE
Doors open at 4 p.m.

This “Best of Nevada County Charitable Event,” as well as major fundraiser for Hospitality House, honors the work and spirit of the late Utah Phillips, the beloved folk musician, activist, and one of Hospitality House’s founders, with over 70 musicians and one poet laureate coming together to donate their time and talents to this great cause.  

What also makes NOG a very special event is the fact we have these marvelously generous anonymous donors who will TRIPLE MATCH–yes, your read that correctly–will triple match every donation given during the night of the event–and that night only.  As such, every donation will be quadrupled—a $100 donation, for example, will become a $400 donation.  

As well, one hundred percent of NOG ticket sales will go to help local men, women and children end their housing insecurity. 

The lineup of musical (and poetic) talent—in alphabetical order—includes renowned local and nationally-known artists: Brendan Phillips and Fast RattlerBrightSide Blue & Honey of the Heart; Broken Compass BluegrassCassidy Earle; Earles of Newtown; Grease, Grit, and Grime with Annette Taborn; Heifer Belles; Kirsten Casey; Lorraine Gervais Band; Nevada Union High School Choir; NOG Singers (shhh); Salif Bamakora; Sands Hall; Short Stak; Three Times ThroughVibeyard Trio

Which leads me to (drum roll) Holiday gift ideas:  Many of the NOG artists have recordings out there in the world, or give lessons, or have gigs/workshops coming up. A wonderful way to support local arts is by giving the gift of music, books, tickets, or lessons to friends and family.  Or even yourself!  So please check that out.

While mainstage performances run from 5pm to 10pm, doors open at 4pm for a new NOG feature:  NOG HAPPY HOUR!   This will happen in the theatre itself, where you’ll be able to enjoy the very fine music of the National Exchange Celtic Session, who will be sitting around a table playing just as they do at the National Exchange Hotel in Nevada City every Thursday night!  And yes, the Center for the Arts have added egg nog to their otherwise full bar selection!

Yet another wonderful new feature at this year’s NOG:  There will be PIZZA!  Pizza by the slice will be available for purchase from Bella Familia Wood Fired Pizza, whose food truck will be tucked into the parking lot just outside the back door of the theatre. 

Please note:  Rumors of a NOG flash mob are circulating.  Be forewarned. 

Many thanks to this year’s angel business sponsors, many of whom regularly help out Hospitality House and sponsor NOG every year (in no particular order) who include:  BriarPatch Food Co-op; The National Exchange and the Holbrooke Hotels; B & C Ace Home & Garden Center; KVMR; YubaNet; KNCO; Caroline’s Coffee; Wildwood Self Storage; Pawnie’s Home Care; SWEAT; SPD Markets; Starbucks, and The Union. 

That’s my news, as best I can recount at this point!  But did I mention the TRIPLE MATCH?  

rrrththe Beaucoup Chapeaux at the
Nevada City Cafe

October 13, 20

(Sorry, but Oct. 27 performance has been Cancelled)

I’m very excited to share the news that you’ll be able to find three Chapeaux– Murray Campbell on violin and oboe, Luke Wilson on tenor guitar and plectrum banjo, and me on accordion–at the Classic Cafe for the next two Friday evenings:

October 13, 20
at 216 Broad St., Nevada City, CA

The cafe is small, so reservations are suggested.
To do so, or to get more info, please call (530) 265-9440 

The rarely sighted Western Songbirds—Sally Ashcraft, Sands Hall, et moi—will be flying into the Madelyn Helling Library on Monday morning, July 24th, for another appearance for InConcert Sierra’s Musical Mondays!  It’s all for the youngsters and those young in heart.

11:00am to noon. Weather permitting, we’ll be outside in the amphitheater.  Otherwise, we’ll move inside.

Dear friends, Happy Spring!
This Sunday, Luke and I will be doing our best imitation of Beaucoup Chapeaux, as we’ve done a time or two, at the Wild Eye Pub’s Mother’s Day Plant and Garden Gift Sale.  And it will be creekside!
Plants!  Gifts!  Brunch!  Beverages!  Live Music!  What’s not to like here?  It will be fun!
Duo Chapeaux/Two Hats, whatever you like, we’ll be performing music from many corners of the world, by the creek, from 10am to noon.  Then, from 1pm-4pm, the Sunday Jazz Jam will happen.

We hope to see you at this lovely event!

Love and peace, Maggie and Luke

Beaucoup Chapeaux first played at the Wild Eye Pub for their grand opening weekend, and we’ve been great fans of Beth and Dave ever since! Many musicians–myself among them–consider Beth and Dave two of the best, if not the best, music venue operators in Nevada County. The reason for this is simple: few producers show such love and respect, or work as hard for the musicians they present, as Beth and Dave.

Another reason I admire Beth and Dave is that no other local music venues followed pandemic safety protocols as solidly as the Wild Eye, which resulted in them not doing as well financially as those venues that ignored the safety of the community for their own gains. Beth and Dave more than deserve our support. So please do that, whether it’s coming to the Love Fest, or contributing in some other way. Merci!

17th Annual Night of Giving

A Musical Benefit for Hospitality House at:
The Center for the Arts • 536 Ivy St, Grass Valley, CA
Thursday, Dec. 15, 2022.    5 – 10 pm, doors open 4 pm

Creative Director, Maggie Mc Kaig

The mission of Hospitality House is to bring homeless people in Nevada County into a circle of community caring that offers shelter, sustenance, medical care, advocacy, opportunity, dignity, and hope as we assist them in transitioning from homelessness to housing. 



Nevada Theatre, 401 Broad Street, Nevada City

Saturday, November 5,   8:00 p.m.

Joining Beaucoup Chapeaux for part of this special evening will be Justin Purtill on bass, and Tim Bulkley on percussion.

$20 general admission
$30 reserved seating

WILD EYE PUB—  August 27, 2022

535 Mill St, Grass Valley, CA

he music begins at 6:30pm, and we are delighted to be playing outside, right next to Wolf Creek.  Last time we played at the Wild Eye, back in February of 2020, we played an entire evening of original music. This time, we decided it would be really fun to bring our Euro Cafe–or Euro Pub, as the case may be–music to the Wild Eye, choosing our favorite songs and dance tunes from Southern Europe, the Balkans, and no doubt a few other places beyond,  only outside, by a creek.